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22 Free Hashtag Generators to help you win on Instagram

People have a love-hate relationship with hashtags. They're important regardless of how you feel about them. You're probably familiar with them from Instagram. They're equally relevant to follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook as well as Instagram.

Hashtags help people quickly find relevant content on any given social media site. The hashtags for trending topics will usually be used, such as #MeghanMarriesHarry to mark the wedding of the queen. Popular themes can also include hashtags like #gymspiration for those who are into fitness, and #foodporn to display mouth-watering food images.

Although there isn't an official set of rules, hashtags can be used in certain ways. This is particularly important when your company uses social media to advertise the products or services it offers. Too much of it can be a source of irritation for potential customers. But use too little or the wrong ones, and you'll be leaving behind prospects and sales for the future.

For example: if you're trying to promote healthy fruit drinks Don't be limited to your brand's name or hashtags like #summer #cocktails and #healthyliving. It is possible to spice it up by including the location where the photo was taken, #drinkrecipe, for those looking to replicate your favorite blend, and maybe something cute like #bottomsup.

Though it may seem simple enough, choosing hashtags can be tough. There are many hashtag generators. You can quickly browse related content by choosing one or two of these hashtag generators. You'll also be on the list of fans who might be interested in you.

Do you need some help selecting a hashtag generator? You've come to the right place.

Hashtag Generators

We'll guide you to locate the most effective hashtag generator no cost.

1. MetaHashtags Hashtag Generator

metahashtags hashtag generator

The Instagram hashtag generator is free and provides hundreds of similar hashtags along with useful metrics to choose the right ones. You can also find hashtags that other accounts are using. Copy and paste the hashtags.

2. Inflact Hashtag Generator

Ingramer Hashtag Generator

The unique hashtag analyzer and generator from Ingramer allows you to find the most popular hashtags by uploading your image and URL for your post or typing in 1-5 keywords. Multilingual service. Click on each hashtag to see the # difficulty analysis.

3. All-hashtag

Hashtag Generators Free

This tool allows you to look up popular, current and random hashtags. By pressing a single button to duplicate all their top suggestions or similar ones which will save you time and effort.

4. Display functions

Free Hashtag Generators

This tool won't just show you the top hashtags, but it will also list the hashtags you are banned from using that you might use on your profile. This is great if need to ensure you're reaching the right audiences and also being social media-friendly also.

5. Hashtracking

Hashtag Generators Free

The rest of the service is expensive, but their Historical Instagram Snapshot Reports as well as Snapshot Reports for Twitter are available for free. Just login using your Twitter or Instagram account to view relevant data.

6. Autohash

Hashtag Generators Free

A hashtag generator tool that works for Android and iOS users. Just upload your photo on and it will create an appropriate list for your photo using a the computer vision algorithm. Additionally, you can receive relevant hashtags based on where you are.


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7. Ask Lisa

Hashtag Generators Free

This AI photo recognition app will help you decide the best image to upload. It also includes clever hashtags that will ensure that your photo is seen by the right people.

8. Photerloo

Hashtag Generators Free

This tool suggests hashtags based on the image that you upload. Apart from that, you also get free keyword recommendations and the ability to publish simultaneously on various platforms, like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Adobe Stock, and Shutterstock.

9. Preview App

Free Hashtag Generators

This tool is all-in-one and will become your Instagram companion. From finding the perfect hashtags, to tracking your progress to editing your photos and more, this is one app you'll want around.

10. Command

Free Hashtag Generators

It is essential to have an app that inspires you to reach your goals in Instagram. This app is like an instructor who pushes you to be a good person. It offers expert caption and hashtag recommendations along with profile analytics, demographics and scheduling.

11. Instavast

Free Hashtag Generators

They offer free services such as a hashtag generator and Instagram downloader, banned keywords, username-to-ID converter, and an anonymous proxy.

12. Hashme

Hashtag Generators Free

Available for iOS and Android This app lets you find trending tags and also lets you use unique hashtags to promote your content to folks who are likely to be viewing your images for the first time.

13. Bigbangram

Free Hashtag Generators

Are you a blogger or social media influencer? This tool can help you discover better hashtags using a image, URL, or manually. Also, there's an option to search hashtags in multiple languages for targeted targeting based on location.


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14. Keyword Tool

Free Hashtag Generators

It's not just meant for SEO. Believe it or not, you can also look for relevant hashtags in your area of expertise.

15. Tags Search

Hashtag Generators Free

You can personalize the hashtag search you use by specifying which words are allowed.

16. Hashtagify

Hashtag Generators Free

This service lets you view hashtag statistics, such as popularity, trends , and variants as well as users, countries and users who have utilized these hashtags in the past.


Hashtag Generators Free

Say hello to an Instagram hashtag generator that generates top, random, and best matching hashtags. It is not necessary to track, monitor or perform any other tracking or monitoring.


Free Hashtag Generators

Find popular hashtags which are related to your topic from our database of more than 15 billion combinations. The data is updated frequently. Cool.

19. Hashatit

Hashtag Generators Free

This simple tool lets you see the trending hashtags but also see all of the content that utilizes those hashtags. This will give you an idea the type of posts you should include on your feed.

20. Look for Metrics

Hashtag Generators Free

Simple and clean interface, this is just about hashtags. There's no need of those annoying add-ons you aren't making use of in the first place.

21. Focal Mark

The mobile app lets you simply enter the photo's location, style, and the category of your image.

23. Twitter and Google Trends

The most basic and cost-free tools out there are right at your fingertips. If you are on Twitter, visit the "Trends for you" sidebar. For Google fans, just go to Google Trends. It's quick, easy, and for free.

After you have your hashtags set You can then schedule out content ahead. You can check out the Instavast tools overview before making a decision on IG automation.

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