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Top 5 apps to see Instagram Stories anonymously

In contrast to what happens on Instagram's feed, each time you go through the Stories you'll be listed in the list of viewers. However there are times when we want to browse Instagram Stories anonymously, maybe even if we're looking at the stories of a friend's Stories.

It would be great it if Instagram offered an anonymous mode that allowed us to view other people's Stories, however, even though this isn't the case it's a good idea to utilize more specific applications.

Although engaging with your followers on Instagram is an effective strategy to gain new followers, we do not always want to be seen by everyone. Although this isn't the most important aspect the ability to access Stories in anonymity is similar to finding out who doesn't follow you in return on Instagram It's not all that crucial, but it can be very enjoyable!

To assist you in this endeavor, we've chosen the top apps that you can download to browse Instagram Stories anonymously. In this way, you'll be able to look up your most loved friends without appearing like you're planning your wedding already.

Explore below for all of the apps we picked and pick the one that you believe best fits your requirements!

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1. Repost Story for Instagram

Eevn although the primary goal of this app is to be capable of re-posting Stories on your profile It also functions as one of the top apps to browse Instagram Stories anonymously as an additional feature.

In addition to watching these Stories You can also download the stories to your mobile. It's even possible to download the content you've shared. This means that Repost Story for Instagram is an excellent option for people who want to keep an archive of posts they post to the social media platform!

It's important to note that this app won't help you save the Instagram lives. The app is available both for Android as well as for iPhone!

2. Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

Another excellent application in this category is the Profile Plus+ Story Reposter, one that lets you browse Instagram Stories anonymously without downloading anything onto the iOS device!

In this case, you'll only have to input the username of the user and you'll be able to view the whole profile, without leaving any trace! However, this option isn't available when the profile is private however that's expected. However, you'll be able to view the contents of popular private accounts!

The most significant drawback is that with your free account, you're restricted to only viewing one profile per day. Its Profile+ PRO version lets you access as many profiles as you'd like, and removes advertisements, and much more! Download it on the App Store.

3. Story Saver

Story Saver is an excellent alternative that's similar to the iPhone's Profile Plus+, but specifically designed for Android users! It's the second option on our list of options for those who wish to view top Instagram Stories without revealing their identities on Android devices.

This app not only lets you be invisible on Instagram Stories The app allows you to save Instagram videos, regardless of whether they were originally uploaded in the feed or the Stories!

If you're looking to begin exploring without leaving a footprint in Instagram's Stories you can follow this link to download it from the Play Store!

4. Storiesig

In contrast to other ways to access Instagram Stories in anonymity Storiesig cannot be accessed through an app for Android or for iPhone. This is the most suitable alternative if you wish to view Stories in complete anonymity on your computer!

It works very similar to the majority of applications we've discussed to date. It's also not necessary the ability to link your Instagram account to the site it's enough to search for your username to access the Stories you've shared.

The process is simple and fast, and it allows you to download the content to share in your personal Instagram Stories! Storiesig allows you to download any content that is on Stories highlights. Stories highlights. To begin using it go to this link.

5. Blindstory

It was designed specifically to assist users to view Instagram Stories without letting other users know, it gives you the possibility of searching at any user's profile to view their posts. However the use of it is restricted for the free version which is why you require an upgrade to a premium account to download and view the content without limitations.

The benefit of not being a paid app is that it guarantees that the Stories are downloaded in an extremely high-quality. This means that it's a great way to share content without compromising any of the content's original quality!

You can also connect to your Instagram account and get access to a large screen of all the Instagram followers you follow that have recently shared content on their Instagram Stories. Click this hyperlink to install it onto the Android device!

Did you enjoy any of the apps that let you look at Instagram Stories anonymously?

Did you find your preferred app among the apps that allow you to browse Instagram Stories anonymously? What do you think of each of them? If you'd like to know more about Instagram then why not look at our posts on the top Instagram bios and the most well-known Instagram hashtags!

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