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22 Instagram Stories Hacks that will blow your mind

Are you ready to improve your Instagram Stories game to the next level? You'll be able to keep your Instagram Stories posts current and ahead of the trends by knowing the latest Instagram Stories hacks

Are you looking to take your Instagram Stories to the next to the next level using this app?

Know the latest Instagram Stories hacks to keep your posts current (and ahead) of the trend!

We've all the Instagram story hack that you'll need by 2021, from engagement-boosting strategies to little-known design tricks.

Instagram Stories Hacks You Need to be aware of by 2021

Instagram Stories is becoming more creative. From adaptive AR filters to interactive Instagram Stories stickers, there are many new features.

Are you eager to start? We've got the top Instagram Stories tips and tricks you (probably) aren't aware of as of yet.

Check out these most popular Instagram stories hacks! Watch the entire YouTube video tutorial here.

Instagram Story Design Hacks

Instagram Stories Hacks #1 - Recolor the background color of your Instagram Stories

To alter the color of the background in an Instagram story use the draw tool in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and then select one of the colors.

Then, press and hold on the screen for around 1-3 seconds. The background will fill with the color of your choice if you have shared an article on your feed to Stories.

If you've come up with a brand new story, the entire screen will be filled with color, creating a layer of colour on top of your image or video

You can then apply the eraser tool to create the "scratch card" effect, which will reveal a part of your video or image.

Click the eraser icon in the upper right-hand corner. The slider on the left hand side allows you to alter the size of your eraser. Then, tap or swipe the screen where you would like to reveal the original image.

That's all! This Instagram Stories hack will help you engage your followers and also share a short highlight.

Instagram Stories Hacks #2: Use an image for your Instagram Story Background

You can alter the color of the background on a feed post that you share to your stories. However, you can also upload an image from your camera rolls!

If you're looking to add an image to the background of your Instagram Stories background, here's how you can do it:

Then, choose the post you wish to add to your Instagram Story and select "Add post to your story".

Tap on the tray for stickers to choose the Instagram sticker "Add from Camera Roll". Browse through your photos to find the one you wish to use for your story background.

Drag the feed post onto the left of your Instagram Story screen. Expand the photo by pressing it using two fingers. While doing so make sure to hold and tap on the feed post using your thumb. It will appear at the top of your screen.

Place the feed on the right-hand side the screen increases the chances of tapssince people tend to tap here as they browse through their feeds.

TIP: If you don't have access to the "Add from Camera Roll" sticker in stories yet Use an Instagram Stories template app like Unfold or Storyluxe.

Instagram Stories Hacks #3 - Access More Colors in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an excellent place to showcase your brand's personality. Butwhat happens do you do if Instagram does not offer your company's color in the default colors?

There's an Instagram Stories trick that allows users to select any color you'd like!

Open your Instagram Stories and then select the draw tool. To launch the slider for color, tap and hold one of the default colors on the bottom of your screen. Swipe across the slider to choose a custom color to suit your story.

BONUS HACK - Create a rainbow effect within your Instagram Story text.

To do so to do this, open Instagram Stories and type out an email. To highlight it, click on the text button and then tap "Select All".

To view the entire spectrum of colors, put your finger on the color palette tool at the bottom of the screen while the text you typed is highlighted.

With one finger held down on the color slider and one on your highlighted text start to move both fingers towards the left side of your screen while simultaneously.

Your text will change in color alphabet by alphabet, as you drag your finger across the spectrum of colors! To get a totally different result, speed up or slow down the movement of your finger over the screen.

Instagram Stories Hacks #4: Add an Effect to Your Emojis

If you've ever wanted to make your emojis standout on stories then this Instagram trick is for you!

To add extra depth or glow to your emojis. To open your stories, then tap the screen to launch the text tool and browse through the fonts until you find the one you like!

Instagram Stories Hacks #5: Include your company's fonts in your Instagram Stories

A customized font can help make your stories feel more authentic and on-brand.

Start by downloading the GoDaddy Studio (formerly known as Over) mobile application. Once downloaded, AirDrop your font's .OFT file onto your mobile device.

Select "Over" from that menu.

Once you've got your personal font added to Over Over application, you are able to make stories (there are a variety of stories templates available). Or you can create text on a transparent background and save it on the camera roll. Add the text to your stories by using the "Add from Camera Roll” sticker.

Are you seeking ways to create Instagram Stories that reflect your brand? Take advantage of our video tutorial to learn how to create Instagram Stories that are captivating!

Instagram Stories Hacks #6 Make Cool Effects Using the Eraser Tool

Did you know you can use the eraser to create cool effects for your Instagram Stories?

Upload the image you wish to use, and then use the draw tool for an effect.

Next, use the eraser tool to remove portions of the zig-zag in order to create a 3D effect.

This is only one example of the many ways that you can use your eraser tool to create cool design effects in your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories Hacks #7 - Use your own brand colors to your story

It's sometimes difficult to choose the right color from Instagram's vast color palette.

This hack is available on Instagram.

To add your favorite colours to an Instagram Stories image, use the "Add from Camera Roll” sticker.

Next, use the tool for color picking (the pipette icon on the left-hand side of the screen) to sample your desired hue:

Then, you can use this color for your stories background, the draw tool, or even your text.

You can erase the color reference by pressing the image down using your fingers and then shifting it towards the bottom of the screen until the tiny trash can appears.

Instagram Story Photos Hacks

Instagram Stories Hacks #8: Add Multiple Photos to Your Instagram Story

Instagram now allows you to include additional photos to your story. Here's how:

#1: Make use of Instagram's "Add from Camera Roll” Sticker

Click the Instagram Story Sticker Tray to begin

Once you're logged in, you can select any image from your camera roll, alter the size, then put it where you'd like to.

To alter the shape of the image simply tap the image to select circles, stars or rectangle.

#2: Copy and Paste an image from the Camera Roll

Open a photo in your camera roll, then press the "export" button.

Tap "Copy" and head to your Instagram story.

Double-tap the screen in order to launch the "Paste option.

That's all! The image you copied earlier should now appear on your timeline. Repeat this process for as many photos you like.

NOTE: Only available to iOS users.

Instagram Stories Hacks #9: Turn Live Photos Into Boomerangs

ICYMI: You can turn live photos into fun Boomerangs!

Open Instagram Stories. Swipe left and choose a live image from your camera roll. (You'll get the boomerang icon for images that are eligible for the program).

After selecting, hold the screen for few seconds , until you can see the word "Boomerang" appear briefly.

Now , you've transformed your shot into an Boomerang!

NOTE This hack is only applicable for iOS users.

Instagram Stories Hacks #10 – Make Instagram Stories videos which are perfectly long

If you upload a picture to your Instagram Story, it'll play for five seconds. If you upload a video to your Instagram Story the video will play for 15 seconds.

But, there's an option to post longer videos on Instagram Stories.

If you have a video that's longer than 15 seconds long, the entire video will be split into 15 second segments. You'll still need to add additional elements (such as GIFs, stickers, and text) to each segment.

Instagram Story Sticker Hacks

Instagram Stories Hacks #11: Post Multiple Question Answers on a Single Story

The Instagram Stories question stickers have received lots of praise from Instagram businesses -- but you only have to answer only one questions per story.

Luckily, there's a quick alternative.

Create an account in which you provide the answer to your sticker. Save a copy of the image and exit out of the story.

You can use the screenshot to make a new story that has a different question response.

Continue doing this until you are able to collect multiple question stickers for the same story.

It's that simple! Your fans will thank you for saving their thumbs!

Instagram Stories Hacks #12: Pin Emojis, Stickers and GIFs to your Instagram Stories

Did you know that instead of putting designs on top of your Instagram Stories, you can save stickers, text as well as emojis and GIFs into your videos as well as boomerangs -- so they show up when you want them to?

Make your video, then add stickers, text, GIFs or emojis it. Press and hold the element you've added.

Use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the video until you find where you want to place your creative idea.

Once you've located the correct location in your video, click "Pin."

#13 in Instagram Stories Hacks: Discover GIFs that are on-brand

There are thousands of GIFs to add some fun to your Instagram Stories.

There are numerous options which can make it difficult for you to pick the right one.

Here are some of our most popular keywords to search:

  • Latergif (Later's very own GIFs!)

  • The Uncommon Place

  • Happpyal

  • Studiojonesie

  • Rizzprint

  • Gladdest

  • Muchable

Instagram Story Video Hacks

Instagram Stories Hacks #14 Use "Create Mode" to add GIF Backgrounds to your Instagram Stories. GIF Background

Instagram's collaboration with GIPHY is a major win for businesses and regular users too.

You can make GIF backgrounds. GIF background using Instagram's "CreateMode. Click the icon for letters in the Instagram Stories screen. Scroll down to the GIF tab.

You can search for thousands of GIFs on this page. They'll either layer up or show at full length based upon their aspect ratio.

If you're lacking original content it is a fantastic opportunity to share your content with your followers.

Instagram Stories Hacks #15: Create an animated GIF using ImgPlay

If you've been searching for an opportunity to make entertaining GIF videos to use in Instagram Stories, look no further.

The ImgPlay app lets you select several photos to create your own looping GIF.

For the first step you must download the app and select the source for creating your GIF -- be it photos, live photos or a video -- then tap "Make."

After you have created your GIF you can change the playback speed, duration as well as add filters and text using the icons located at the bottom.

After that, upload your new GIF to Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories Hacks #16: Make Use of "Hidden" Instagram Story Filters

Did you know there's a bunch of hidden Instagram Story photo and video effects? Start your camera, swipe until the end, then select "Browse Effects"

You can scroll through and find hundreds of fun effects.

Are you unsure where to begin? Here are some of our top Instagram Story effects that you are able to search for:

  • "Presentation" by rendi_vendi

  • "Background" by luisgilson_18

  • "Greenscreen" by Instagram

  • "iPhone Screen 1" by pvikinga

  • "Presentation" by gulim.satekova

Instagram Stories Hacks #17 - Include Music in Your Insta Stories

Music can make your story more engaging.

Check to ensure you're using the latest version of the Instagram application. Once you've opened the app, click the Instagram Stories camera, and take or upload an image or video.

After that, click the music icon at the top of your screen (or look up "Music" within the Instagram Stories sticker tray).

It will launch the Instagram Music Library, where you will be able to discover thousands of songs.

You can scroll through a "For You" tab of suggested songs or browse through categories or search for a specific song.

If you're pleased with your song choice, you can fast-forward and rewind through the track to choose the exact section that is appropriate to your story. You can also decide the length of time that the music clip should run for (maximum 15 seconds).

You can also customize the appearance of the sticker by pressing it before publishing. There are six different designs! ):

Note: If you are a business user you might only have the option of a small selection of music due to Instagram's licensing agreements.

This blog post offers our top troubleshooting strategies for those who don't have music in their stories.

Other Instagram Story Tips and Tricks

Instagram Stories Hacks #18 Add Closed Captions Automatically

Thanks to the new Captions sticker, it's easier than ever before to add closed captions to your stories.

Here's how:

Go to Instagram Stories. Go to the Instagram Stories camera and either record or upload a video using your camera roll.

Once uploaded or recorded Once uploaded or recorded, tap the tray icon, then choose the "Captions" sticker.

At this point, you can choose from four different text formats and shift the text on, and change the color.

That's all! The captions you have now posted to your Instagram Story.

Be sure to watch and read the captions prior to posting, as Instagram could not accurately transcribe your audio.

NOTE: The Instagram captions sticker is currently only available in English and English speaking countries.

Instagram Stories Hacks #19: Plan Your Instagram Stories ahead

The most successful stories have clear flow, a consistent style and tell a powerful story.

It's also a smart idea to create storyboards and plans ahead of time!

You can check the way your Instagram Stories posts will flow by scheduling them using Later.

It takes only the time of a few seconds to plan and schedule Instagram Stories posts. You can do all this on your computer.

If it's time to go live with your Instagram Stories live, you'll be sent a push notification on your smartphone. In just a few taps, you'll be able publish your stories to your followers.

Are you willing to plan your Instagram Stories posts now? Later's Instagram Stories scheduler is available for all paid plans. Upgrade now to access to the scheduler or start creating stories!

Instagram Stories Hacks #20 Create multiple stories and then share them all at once

Instagram's multi-capture tool lets you to upload multiple stories at the same time.

To open it, click the icon for multi-capture on the left hand right side of the screen.

In this mode, you can take up to 10 pictures in one row. When you're happy with the images you've captured then you'll be able to see the photos in a grid at the bottom of your screen.

Edit and tap on each slide at this stage. You can change your story's background, include stickers, text music, effects, or other elements on each slide.

Snapchat Stories Hack #21: Make Use of the Right Instagram Stories Size

Not sure the correct Instagram Stories dimensions?

It's a good thing that you can share pretty much anything on Instagram Stories, as long that it's got the minimum dimensions of 1.91:1 and maximum dimension of 9:16.

We suggest a 9/16 aspect ratio, with the size 1080px x 2024px because the majority of viewers want their stories to take up the entire screen.

Instagram Stories Hacks #22 - Check the amount of times your Post Was Shared on Stories

Instagram tracks a lot of data about your post's performance. This includes views, saves and follows. Story reshares are a key element of information that you may be missing.

This feature isn't accessible within the Instagram Insights. To see Story Reshares, tap the ellipsis at the top of the post.

You will be taken to a page with a list of public reshares that are currently active.

To view the live reshare simply tap on the icon.

If you don't see the option to share your post It means that your post isn’t being shared in any public stories.

This is particularly helpful for locating and responding to shares that you're not tagged in.

Given the number of updates and features that are added to Instagram Stories, it's difficult to stay abreast of all the cool features at your disposal.

These Instagram Stories hacks will help you create fun, creative and creative Instagram Stories that stand out from the crowd!

Plan your Instagram Stories now with Later Available on all plans

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