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An Complete Reference to Instagram Hashtags (With more than 120 Hashtag concepts)

Twitter's response? It was too geeky and wouldn't ever catch on.

Welp fifteen years later, and hashtags are still a common feature of social media sites, particularly for Twitter, TikTok, and what we'll be discussing this week: Instagram.

Learn more about how to make the most of Instagram hashtags to increase your followers, engage your followers, and grow your brand.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a term, phrase or phrase that has the symbol of pound (#) on top of it. Social media sites, when you tap or click on the hashtag, you'll see all of the posts on the platform with that hashtag. This allows users to categorize their posts and locate specific content in the vast sea of social posts. Hashtags are accessible on the most popular social media platforms, including:






Why should you use hashtags on Instagram?

While other social media platforms support hashtags. Twitter as well as Instagram are truly the ones for which hashtagging is most significant. Here are a few advantages of using Instagram hashtags.

Expand your reach. Hashtags help make you Instagram Stories, posts Reels stories and Reels easily found by users during their routine Instagram meanderings, giving you numerous avenues to reach out to a larger audience.

Enhance engagement. Instagram posts that use hashtags see an average of 12.6 percent increase in engagement compared to posts without. Another source says that the number is 29%.

Create your following. Because hashtags help you to be noticed by niche users They also help you get more Instagram followers--quality followers that have the potential to turn into customers.

Increase your brand's visibility By using hashtags with a brand name that encourage user-generated content or just plain funny hashtags that serve only purposeful aesthetics, hashtags play a role in expressing your brand voice and even establishing trust.

instagram hashtags improve engagement 29-79%

Image source

How do I add hashtags to Instagram

Making a hashtag available on Instagram is as simple as adding the pound sign in front of a word or phrase! Here are a few additional notes:

There is no punctuation. You should not use punctuation or characters in the hashtag. For instance, #don't-hate or #do-not-hate won't work. #donthate will.

It should be easy to understand. It can help you capitalize the beginning letter of each word in hashtagged phrases to ensure better comprehension (for instance, #findyourpassion and #FindYourPassion. Be aware that capitalization does not change the URL that the hashtag is linked to.

Double-check it. Always search for the hashtag first to make sure it's not connected to anything not appropriate. Sometimes, the combination of words with spaces creates new words you didn't want to.

Do not repeat hashtags. Using the same hashtag twice in a single post will not increase your chances of being noticed or appearing higher in searches.

Types of Instagram hashtags

There are all kinds of hashtags to use on Instagram:

Location hashtags: These are essential for local social media marketing and can aid in attracting local customers. Make sure to note that adding a local hashtag is not the same as putting a location on Instagram!

Popular hashtags: These are typically very broad, and therefore aren't likely to get the most relevant engagement but they can help you get publicity however.

The trending hashtags are a result of current events of varying tones.

Branded hashtags: Businesses typically create hashtags unique to their name or a specific campaign to stimulate engagement and user-generated content.

#goldiesquad (@goldieblox)

#myDSW (@dsw)

Instagram hashtags - an example of branded hashtag

How many hashtags do you have on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, and while we've historically been advised to use about 10 hashtags The latest research from Later suggests that 20-30 hashtags are the way to go (for the Feed post). This is what they advise:

Utilize 20 hashtags for the best reach.

Use 30 hashtags for optimal engagement rate.

graphs showing how many hashtags can be used on Instagram.

Image source

But don't force it. If your content doesn't require 30 hashtags then don't bother to search for them. Remember, your goal is not to appear in every search It's to show up in the most relevant searches.

How can you conceal Instagram hashtags

If your article is actually appropriate for 20-30 hashtags, there are a few methods to conceal them to make sure they don't overshadow your post.

Add them to a comment. Include only a few in your Instagram caption. Then, you can put the rest in a post in your Instagram post.

Press them back down. Create your caption. create new lines with just an asterisk on each line. Once there's enough white space following your caption, copy and paste your hashtags.

Cover them. In Instagram Stories you have the option of making the hashtag's text color same as the background or cover it with an image.

how to hide instagram hashtags

Image source

How do you make use of hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are a powerful tool for promoting your Instagram profile for free. Here are some tips on how to use hashtags for Instagram.

1. Treat them like the words

Hashtags are the primary keywords for Instagram SEO. It is recommended to use a mix of high-volume hashtags to gain wider visibility, and also smaller-scale, but more focused hashtags to attract potential followers and customers. Tools to research hashtags (which we'll cover below) can assist with this, but it's also intuitive. For instance:

Wide, with low intention: #landscaping, #backyard

Less broad, medium intent: #landscapinghouston, #residentiallandscape

Specific, high intent: #landscapingserviceshouston

examples of instagram hashtags

2. Save a default list

While you shouldn't use the same hashtags in the exact same post but you can (and should) repeat hashtags that work in different posts. Keep a note in your pocket so that you can add them to your posts.

But be aware. Relevance is important. Eliminate hashtags when they aren't relevant. If someone searches for hashtags and your unrelated post shows up this could make your company appear untrustworthy, unreliable or even desperate.

3. Make your own campaigns for hashtags

The best Instagram marketing campaigns are based on hashtags. Consider the famous #IceBucketChallenge. The marketing team for the ALS Association was able to make a splash with this hashtag campaign, but they also raised a huge amount of money ($115 million, to be precise!). Consider ways to achieve the same thing by encouraging your followers to to follow your hashtag, which can help promote your brand's company among other Instagrammers.

Hashtags campaigns don't need to be short-lived contests or trends. In fact, some of the most successful branded hashtags are the timeless ones, like Chewy's #petsbringustogether.

chewy's hashtag campaign #petsbringustogether

4. Create an evergreen, branded hashtag to promote UGC

Take the hashtag created by the sneaker brand, Allbirds. Instead of using the same hashtags for every post, they use the hashtag #weareallbirds. Their happy customers use it as well to showcase their latest sneakers!

A good example of a hashtag branded for Instagram

Tips to make a branded hashtag on Instagram:

Make it unique. Include your company's name.

Make it easy to remember. If a hashtag is too long and complicated like #wordstreammakesadvertisingeasy, your followers won't remember or use it.

Take a look. Always search for the hashtag to ensure that it's not used before or, even worse, being it's being used to promote something that's inappropriate or offensive.

5. Use hashtags for giveaways

Create an Instagram contest asking participants to upload photos, tag your business, and use a certain hashtag. This not only makes it easier for you to track entries, but it could also aid in populating your brand's hashtag with interesting content.

How to use Instagram hashtags Example of a hashtag contest

6. Create a hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges connect your followers and help build a following for your business. Here's a great example from Lululemon UK and Stava, who teamed up to host a fun challenge encouraging users to run a 40-80K run, and then tag their Instagram posts with #4080challenge.

But as I've said before make sure you check the hashtag. If you search #4080challenge on Instagram, you get more results from cars than runners.

How to use hashtags on Instagram - search hashtags results

#4080challenge...a Lululemon campaign and a car

7. Tag other brands

In in addition to tagging the brands you follow in your posts and posts, make use of their branded hashtags too. This is a great way to support other businesses with their Instagram marketing strategies, and who knows? They might include you in their posts or use your hashtag to return the favor.

Instagram hashtag post featuring yogurt and Granola

Looking for inspiration? Check out these 157 Authentic fall hashtags to attract more customers.

8. Follow hashtags

There are some hashtags that you must follow on Instagram.

Your own custom hashtags that you have created to keep track of engagement and monitoring your reputation. Users may not always tag your business in the same tweet where they share your hashtag.

Your competitors' hashtags: To keep tabs on them.

# hashtags in your field: be current with the latest news and trends within your industry.

For a hashtag to be followed you must search for the hashtag you want to follow and click"follow" or "follow" button within search results.

How to locate hashtags on Instagram

To incorporate hashtags into your Instagram content in a meaningful and effective method, it is essential to study. What are the best places to begin? Here are some suggestions...

Hashtag research tools

There are a myriad of Instagram hashtag generators on the market, including All Hashtag and Sistrix--that will produce relevant hashtags and also give you some information about which hashtags are most popular.

Instagram hashtags generator sistrix

Instagram search

Input hashtag suggestions in your Instagram search bar and see what suggestions auto-fill. Easy as pie.

Instagram hashtag tools - Instagram search

Make sure you are aware of your competition

Be aware of your industry's influencers and competitors. If you're not certain what tags are worth making use of, look over the tags that others are successfully using in your industry, That can give you a great starting point from which to mold your own strategy.

Instagram hashtag analytics

Now is the time to talk reporting. It's impossible to know if your hashtags are helping your social media marketing without the numbers. You're fortunate to have a variety of tools available to you. These are just three of them.

1. Instagram Insights

It's the analytics of Instagram. It is accessible on mobile devices if you have the Instagram corporate account. You can also see an individual post's performance on hashtags by clicking "View analytics" beneath the post.

Instagram hashtag analytics

2. Sprout Social

If you're trying to gain more detail on individual hashtag performance, it might be beneficial to use a different report tool that analyzes the details and performance of hashtags, such as Sprout Social. This robust social reporting tool can help you create Instagram results for hashtags to accomplish a myriad of things such as:

Examine your most frequently used Instagram hashtags with those which get the most attention.

Learn how the branded hashtags perform in comparison to hashtags with broader scopes.

Use their hashtagting feature to create campaign-specific hashtag reports.

Instagram hashtag tracking tools

3. Iconosquare

While the price is slightly more expensive than Iconosquare but there's plenty of things you can do, from posting social media posts, to tracking as well as responding to feedback as well as accessing detailed analytics from one place.

In terms of hashtag tracking, this tool can provide highly sophisticated analytics in regards to hashtag engagement and whether or no hashtags are contributing to the growth of a brand or campaign.


For more information, check out Brand24's list below of hashtag trackers.

The most well-known Instagram hashtags ever

Popular hashtags won't aid in standing apart, but they'll hinder you from getting some exposure. In addition, they're a useful "seed" hashtag that you can change to improve relevancy.

In accordance with Hootsuite, here are the 20 most well-known Instagram hashtags:

#love (1.835B)

#instagood (1.150B)

#fashion (812.7M)

#beautiful (661.0M)

#art (649.9M)

#photography (583.1M)

#happy (578.8M)

#picoftheday (570.8M)

#cute (569.1M)

#follow (560.9M)

#tbt (536.4M)

#followme (528.5M)

#like4like (515.6M)

#travel (497.3M)

#instagram (482.6M)

#style (472.3M)

"Reposting" (471.4M) (How can I repost this via Instagram right here!)

#summer (454.2M)

Remember the best way to utilize these hashtags is for inspiration--not to fill them with hashtags.

Daily Instagram hashtags

We have an entire article on hashtags that are appropriate for every day of the week, however this is the most concise version:

Best Instagram hashtags for #ThursdayThoughts

The Instagram hashtags that promote growth

The most effective Instagram hashtags to use for growth are those that are specific to your niche. It is possible to change the hashtags to include your city or even business name. Steph is here to help with more than 300 industry-specific hashtags that you can incorporate into your posts, but here's some of them:

Education: #highered, #virtuallearning, #alumni, #go[schoolname]

Instagram hashtags for business on Instagram - #carmechaniclife

#carmechaniclife...not shown in the image due to the hiding trick mentioned above

Mental health hashtags

Mental health hashtags for Instagram

Inclusion and diversity hashtags

diversity and inclusion instagram hashtags

Small-sized businesses Instagram hashtags

Small business hashtags on Instagram

Motivational hashtags

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