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Here's How to Download Twitter Videos to Your Smartphone

Twitter is a wildly popular social media platform that has more than 211 million active daily users, as per Statista. Users post a variety of information on the platform including thoughts and opinions to news, photos as well as videos.

Active users are more likely to encounter content they are interested in or even want to save for future for reference. If the content is video, the first idea is to download the video so that they can go back to it in the future. However, downloading the video on Twitter video service Inflact isn't as easy as right-clicking and choosing a download option.

This is because Twitter users are unable to get videos straight via Twitter itself is because of the company's copyright rules, as per the rules and regulations of the company. There are however ways for downloading Twitter videos to your smartphone or even onto your computer if you would like to do this. It's free and takes just a few seconds to complete.

How do I download Twitter videos to iPhone as well as iPad

The first step in downloading Twitter videos onto the iPhone is to download an application that permits you to do this. One method that you could use is the app created by Apple called Shortcuts by Apple. To download it, go to the App Store on your smartphone and look on the search engine for "Shortcuts from Apple."

The app is free and can be installed within a matter of minutes. After installation, go to the settings on your iPhone or iPad's settings, scroll to the Shortcuts settings of the app, then tap in, and then toggle "Allow untrusted Shortcuts" to set it in"on" "on" setting. Note: If you're using iOS 15 or later, this trick will not work as smoothly, however, you're still able to try it!

It's crucial to remember that any action you make outside of the official Apple app store is taken at your own discretion, which is at the risk of your personal. If the phrase "Untrusted" was not enough of a warning, it's likely that you already know you're about to perform actions that could be risky for your phone or even outside the boundaries that are permitted by law.

After you've enabled "Untrusted" Shortcuts, click the iCloud link to download the 3rd party developed, unofficial "Twitter Video Downloader."

Open the Shortcuts application. It's time to download Twitter videos onto the device of your choice: iPhone and iPad. These are the steps to follow:

Click "Get Shortcut."

After you have read the directions Scroll down, then click "Add an Untrusted Shortcut."

Start the Twitter application for the iPhone or iPad and then go to the Twitter video you wish to download.

Click on the "Share" button, then select the Twitter Video Downloader.

This will trigger the Shortcuts application to launch. Then, you will be asked whether you would like to save the file in medium, low or high quality. The more high-quality, the longer the download will take as well as the larger space it'll take up in the iPhone and iPad's memory. Once the download is completed you'll be able to view the video within your Photos app.

If the Shortcuts configuration described above isn't working then you'll need to go down to the "how you can download Twitter videos onto the computer" to find a couple of websites that will work the same with the iPhone and iPad.

How do I download Twitter videos to Android

The downloading of Twitter video content on Android is much easier than it is on iOS. This is because it's because the Android app store comes with an application specifically designed for to do this, and it has only one purpose and one feature only, created by a group dubbed "Photo video app." The application is known as"Download" for Twitter Videos, and despite its basic appearance it does the task accomplished.

After installation The next step is to switch the settings for downloading within the Download Twitter Videos application. You can choose to download the video in either high- or low-quality formats. Choose the format you prefer to download and it will be used every when you download an tweet (unless you alter the format).

After that, quit the application and then open Twitter. Find the tweet that has the video you wish to download. Click on the "Share" button, then select "Copy link to tweet."

After that, quit Twitter and then open your Download Twitter Video App. Copy the URL into the bar of input. It will then download and be saved to a library in the application. Then, you can keep the video in the app, or transfer the video to the phone's local storage or upload it to the cloud storage service of your choice.

How do you download Twitter videos onto your computer

On your personal computer, there's no requirement to install any application to download the Twitter video. Copy the URL link to the tweet you wish to download. Then, head over to SaveTweetVid or TwitterVideoDownloader. Both sites are completely free and the whole process typically is less than a minute.

On any site, copy the URL into the text entry box. Select "download." Then you will be offered the option to download the tweet in various formats. On SaveTweetVid these formats include 270p, 360p or 720p. Select the format you prefer and then download the video onto your computer.

The video will download to the folder that your computer settings indicate files to download to. Be aware that this could be the computer's desktop. If you aren't able to find the video in your downloads folder , or in another location, take a look there.

Other ways to download Twitter videos

Most of the time, the videos posted to Twitter come from outside sources like YouTube and Vimeo, not an original video created by users and posted on Twitter by the user. In this situation there is an alternative for downloading. SmoothVideo Project (SVP) can be described as an application that can be installed for PC, Mac, Android as well as Linux operating systems. Its primary purpose is to adjust the framerate of videos. In the suite of software SVP offers, you'll find an YouTube downloader known as SVPTube which is able to work with ease.

To utilize SVP choose the appropriate version that is compatible with the operating system you are using. For Mac PC, Mac and Android customers, the SVP is priced at $19.99 per year for unlimited use. Its Linux software is naturally absolutely free. Install the program, after which all you need to do is copy and paste your YouTube URL in SVP. The software will convert the video to the greater frame rate, if you want, or ask users to download the video in various sizes.

Alongside SVP and other download options mentioned above There are a variety of websites that let you download Twitter videos. At the time of writing this article, some services are still in operation. They are: SSSTwitter, Twitter Video Downloader Online, as well as Twitter video download.

An important note, like with all of the other websites and apps mentioned in this article These services aren't associated with or endorsed or endorsed by Twitter or any particular operating system, and could be shut down without notification (in other terms, use on your own responsibility).

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