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How to Save Instagram Videos to Any Device: 5 Simple Ways

Learn how you can save Instagram videos to be saved for later, so you can share interesting content with your followers, save an inspiration file and much more.

Learning how you can save Instagram videos can be helpful:

  • Send helpful content to your followers

  • More engagement on Instagram

  • Engage and collaborate with other users

You can also save adorable videos of puppies to view later.

If this sounds like something that is right to you, we'd like to help. Here are five ways to save Instagram videos right now using Inflact.

Bonus: 14 Time-Saving Hacks for Instagram Power Users. Find out the list of ways Hootsuite's social media team utilizes to produce content that stops thumbs.

5 easy ways to archive Instagram videos

Note When saving the video of someone else to share it on your own personal social feed, be sure to mention them in the blog post!

It's not just the best thing to do, it can also help you avoid the negative reaction that was experienced by Jerry Media in early 2019. The company and its Instagram meme account were criticized for repurposing tweets and posts without obtaining permission from them or citing them.

Take a look at Instagram's comprehensive copyright policy prior to reposting any content shared by other users.

1. Keep Instagram's posts in your collections

This method lets you save your videos to your personal Instagram profile. It is also possible to arrange the saved posts by using "Collections." Collections organize all of the images and videos that users save to Instagram.

It's as simple as that procedure: When you view an image you'd like to save, simply click the save icon that is below it.

When you tap the icon, it will be accessible on the Saved section on your account. It's accessible by visiting the profile's page and clicking on the hamburger icon on the top left corner, and then selecting Saved.

If you wish to store the footage to a particular Collection you've made, simply tap then hold down the Save icon, then select the collection you wish for the file to be saved to.

This allows you to go back to a video at anytime you'd like and go back to it. However, you aren't able to upload content to your personal feeds from Collections.

2. Save your Instagram videos that you have created.

If you have a video that you made on Instagram to promote your story or profile it is easy to save it after you've finished creating it.

Record your video and then click the download button on the top before posting it to your feed or in your story.

This is applicable to videos you make for your Instagram feed as well as those you make to be used in your Instagram story.

If you've already uploaded the video to the Instagram Story you have on your Instagram Story, you can still save the post.

Begin by opening your Story and watching the video. In the lower left hand corner, click on the three dots to expand your options.Bonus 14 time-saving hacks to help Instagram Super Users. Find the list of tricks that Hootsuite's social media team utilizes to produce content that stops thumbs.

Then, you'll be taken to a menu from which you can click Save Video.

The video will directly download to your phone.

Pro tip Pro tip: Go to Settings > Privacy > Story Controls, switch on Saving for Camera Roll to automatically save all of your Instagram Stories to your phone.

3. Manually take notes of Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't allow you to download videos that you see in your feed, or on other accounts of users.

However, if you have the permission of the original poster There are a variety of workarounds to do that. One way to save Instagram video content is to capture your screen when the video is playing.

For iOS users You can complete this in just five steps:

  • Tap up from the lower part of your iPhone to access Control Center. Control Center.

  • Press the Record button in the circle.

  • Tap Start Recording. A countdown of three seconds will begin prior to recording.

  • Make sure you record your video.

  • Start the Control Center once more and press the red circle Record button to end the recording.

The video you recorded will be accessible in your Photos app. Take a look at the gif below for the full explanation of this.

Androids do not come with a built-in feature that lets you record the screen. However, there are a few excellent apps that let you record your screen. Here are a few:

Each of these applications will provide you with a great screen recording experience, and they're all free.

4. Make use of an app to save Instagram videos.

The most efficient way to save the Instagram video to your phone to share it with your followers is to use an app from a third party.

The best ones allow users to download videos from the feed of another user or Instagram Story (again in the event that you've got permission from them). You'll then be able to share the video or save it for viewing later.

To assist you to get started, here are some excellent apps for downloading Instagram videos.

Note: For every application, we've provided an option to download either Android and iOS download.

StorySaver (Android)

An app for free that permits users to download photos and videos taken from Instagram stories. Users can download images from Instagram stories of the users who they follow. The app is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. It only takes two taps to download videos.

After downloading, you'll be allowed to share the video to the site of your choice, either Story or blog (with consent from the creator of the original and, of course, with permission from the creator).

Story Reposter (iOS)

Another excellent iOS application that lets users to download videos from Instagram Stories of users. Instagram stories. Similar to StorySaver it allows you to save and share videos and photos from various Instagram Stories.

All you have to do is look up the profile you wish to download the video from, then select it prior to selecting the video you wish to download.

Quick Reposter (iOS)

A program that permits users to repost images and videos as well to save them and download them.

It is a user-friendly interface with a simple layout. Copy the link to the video or image you wish to download then it'll save the file on your device.

Quicksave (Android)

Another excellent app that's like Quick Reposter. To save a post simply copy the URL of the video or image and then download.

Additionally, with over three million downloads and more than three million downloads, you'll be in lots of company using this well-known Instagram videos download app.5. Utilize a web-based downloader

There are many excellent websites which allow you to upload and store Instagram videos onto your computer.

The problem is that you'll be unable to share the images on Instagram without first importing them onto the phone in advance. This is a great option for those who want to save Instagram videos and photos to keep for future reference.

Don't forget to make sure that you have permission from the original poster for downloading their clip, particularly if you plan to share it on the account of your choice.

That's all there is to it. Now you have the knowledge and tools to save your videos on Instagram.

Make great content now (or share great content created by users).

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