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How to View Instagram Stories Without Knowing

Instagram keeps track of who has seen or interacted in an Instagram Story that was posted by someone between 2021 and. Sometimes, you might like to view the Story but not inform the user about it.

Maybe you're conducting market research and want to know the Instagram strategy of a rival brand. But, you would prefer to keep the information secret. There are two methods to look at the Instagram Story of someone else regardless of the motive.

Method 1 Click on the next Instagram Story to swipe back

This method takes advantage of the interface that allows you to swipe between Stories of different users. More on Inflact.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Select the profile you want to view secretly on your feed , and then locate the story you're interested in.

  2. To stop the Story to pause it, tap it, and then move your finger towards the direction in which you want to see the Story. It will be displayed on the right side, next to a 3D-box.

  3. It is not recommended to swipe all the way. If you do, the user will observe that you've viewed it.

This approach has a significant disadvantage. It is only possible to view the first Story within a feed of your profile. Videos will not be accessible. It's possible to accidentally swipe all the way through and make the entire process useless. It's not able to capture the details of an IG story.

Method 2 - Utilize an app from a third party or a website

It requires an alternative app or web site. These stories aren't included in the stats, so users will not be able to view these stories. These are apps from third parties therefore, please don't make use of them without consent.

  • Desktop: Go to storiesig.com to find the user. You can download and view all current stories by the user, when their profile is open.

  • iPhone: Install the Story Reposter App and sign in. On the search screen, type in the username of the user, then tap the folder that contains the Instagram Stories.

  • Android download Story Saver and sign in. You can look up the account using the search icon in the top right. The account's Stories will be presented in a feed format.

While it requires a little more effort, it's more reliable and helps you download and save the Stories that you're watching.

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