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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags You'll Ever Have

If you had told me 10 years ago that I'd write a book on hashtags, I would likely have laughed at you. (Sorry!). The thought of how far hashtagging has evolved in the past few years is fascinating... It's amazing to me. am able to recall the moment I first encountered the concept that is "hashtags." The time could be around 2010 and at the time, I believed hashtags were just a jolly small device. My friends and I began using hashtags to make fun of the hashtag community. #Sports #Dominoes #MoreWinePlease

Okay Maybe #MoreWinePlease remains a an acceptable game.

Today, the field of hashtags has drastically changed. I am aware of how effective and crucial hashtags are to the strategies for social media of all marketers.

If you're still enjoying the humour of Instagrammers using hashtags with a string of hashtags in their comments, or aren't sure the way these tags work You've come to the right place. I'll explain everything you need to learn about hashtags in Instagram. In this complete guide on how to use Instagram hashtags you'll discover:

  • What is a hashtag?

  • Why do you require hashtags on Instagram

  • How can you make the most of your hashtags

  • Best practices for hashtagging on Instagram

  • Which 20 Instagram hashtags are the most popular?

Let's get started!

What is a hashtag in the first place?

The hashtag, also known as the pound, symbol (#) was used in a variety of ways on the internet prior to August 2007. In the following month, Chris Messina, a product designer from Silicon Valley, brought the hashtag to Twitter and was acknowledged as the creator of the hashtag on social media.

"He came up with the idea of using hashtags from Internet chat rooms with the symbol of a pound on top of them," says Erin Black from CNBC. "He was able to pitch his idea Twitter however, the company said it was too nerdy and wouldn't be popular."

Jokes about them, aren't they?

Fortunately, Messina was persistent, and the hashtag was adopted in a powerful manner. Messina was able to convince his contacts to include hashtags when tweeting, and then in 2009, Twitter introduced a feature that let users look up hashtags. #PrettyCool!

There must be hashtags on every Instagram post: Here's the reason why.

Why are hashtags important to include in the Instagram advertising campaigns? It's because Instagram posts with hashtags have an average of 12.6 percent increase in engagement when compared to posts that do not use hashtags.

"Not only can hashtags help social users categorize and organize content, but they're also among the main drivers behind the most effective advertising campaigns" claims Maddy Osman on Sprout Social.

Hashtagging is extremely effective due to the fact that it allows you to categorize similar content, making it more searchable and that's probably the reason hashtagged posts receive so much more attention than posts without.

"When utilized in a strategic manner, hashtags can bring you many advantages," says Olivia Ryan. "They can be utilized to get your content seen by an even larger audience, increase the profile of your brand, reach a particular group of people, increase your SEO and utilize hot trends and subjects for your benefit."

Finally, hashtags can give you search visibility, which is an great Instagram SEO technique.

What are you wasting time for? If you want your followers to be able to view your Instagram content It's time to step up your Instagram hashtag game! More on BigBangram!

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